Artesunate Suppositories 50 mg.

Product Details :
  • Name of Product (Generic Name):

    Artesunate Suppositories 50 mg.

  • Brand Name:

    Artesunate Suppositories 50 mg.

  • Dosage Form :


  • Packing in Cartoon (Box) :

    2 x 5 Suppositories

Product Description :
Galipar 500 Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) Suppositories USP 500 mg. is a stronger version of the 125mg variant. Our medicines are well known all over the country and are often in huge demand compared to our competitors. We are one of the best manufacturers as well as suppliers of medicines in the entire market. We deliver medicines that are of premium quality. Our medicines are made using premium processes and are highly effective.